Campus at Royal Roads University in Canada

Studying in Canada

A Top International Student Destination

Canada is an international education destination with a welcoming and multicultural society. The high quality education and living standards are among the highest in the world.

A land of vast distances and abundant natural resources, Canada stretches almost 9,000 kilometers west to east over majestic mountains, golden prairies, the Great Lakes, and wild coastal beauty.Royal Roads University is in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It has easy access to Vancouver on the mainland. This region of North America is known as the Pacific Northwest.


Low Student Costs

Most universities in Canada are public. Canadian international student tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses remain competitive compared to the USA and other international education destinations.

Visa and Work Opportunities

The Canadian government has developed new visa and immigration rules to encourage international students to use their skills in Canada after graduation: The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Students may also apply to become permanent residents of Canada during this work period.

Rich Culture

Canada is widely considered to be the most ethnically diverse country in the world. With a population of 33 million, Canada welcomes the cultural richness that immigrants from other countries can bring to its social fabric.

British Columbia

The province of British Columbia (BC) is on the west coast of Canada. British Columbia stretches from the Pacific Ocean in the west and the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the east. It is known for its natural beauty, mild coastal climate and outdoor recreation opportunities.

It's capital city is Victoria, home of Royal Roads University, but the largest city in British Columbia is Vancouver, the third largest in Canada with a population of over 2,200,000.

With a combination of diverse cities and spectacular scenery, British Columbia is a truly inspiring place to study.


Victoria was rated #1 destination to visit in Canada by the 2010 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards. Victoria is a safe, friendly, progressive and attractive city with a relaxed pace and a large community of university and college students. This is an energetic city boasting a stunning natural landscape and a rich history and culture. Victoria is a place where the casual modernism of the West Coast blends with time-honoured British, European, First Nations and Asian traditions.

Canada's Mildest Climate

Victoria has a temperate 'oceanic' climate. Its residents enjoy mild, almost snow-free winters, and relatively dry and pleasant summers. Getting over 2,200 hours of sun each year, Victoria is one of the sunniest places in British Columbia, and in Canada.

Attractions and Activities

Plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as great shopping can be found along the beautiful inner harbor. With plants and flowers overflowing in the summertime and festive lights lining the city streets in winter, Victoria is a breathtaking city whatever the season. Victoria is a tourist destination with over 4 million visitors per year who come both to stay overnight in the city and on day trips from cruise ships. Victoria is ideal for outdoor recreation such as cycling, hiking, jogging, kayaking and water sports.

Access to Vancouver and Seattle

Students can take a trip to mainland Canada and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Vancouver, the business and cultural capital of British Columbia. Victoria is only a 30 minute flight or a stunning 90 minute ferry ride to Vancouver - a big multicultural city where you really can do anything! Many green spaces in and around the city combine with clean, modern architecture to make Vancouver a truly unique and exciting place to visit.

The lively US city of Seattle is also readily accessible by plane and ferry.

Victoria facts

  • Province: British Columbia
  • Climate: Mild and coastal with 2,200 hours of sunshine per year
  • Population: 330,000 in Greater Victoria
  • City size: 15th largest metropolitan area in Canada
  • Economy: lowest unemployment rate in North America
  • Education: 40,000 university and college students
  • Nearby airports: Victoria International Airport (30 minutes from campus)

Why Canada?

  • Education and living standards are among the highest in the world
  • Country stretches across 9,000 kilometres of beautiful mountains, prairies and lakes
  • Tuition fees and living costs are competitive compared to the USA
  • International students have the opportunity to live and work in Canada after graduation
  • A population of 33 million makes it one of the most diverse countries in the world

Campus map

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