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FAQ: What is the cost of living in Victoria, Canada?

You will need to budget carefully to cover all of your living costs, including clothes, transportation, books, and entertainment. It is difficult to estimate how much money you will need over a year as this depends on individual lifestyles and circumstances. Approximate prices in Victoria are:

  • Cell Phone: $20-$100 per month
  • Movie Ticket: $7-$12
  • Dinner at a restaurant: $20-$40 per person (it is common to tip the server 15% extra on the bill)
  • Coffee: $2 per cup

Remember that almost everything you buy has 12% tax added to it

FAQ: Can I get a scholarship?

We do not normally offer scholarships for programs at Royal Roads University. Prices already represent excellent value for money. Find out more about getting a scholarship or other sources of funding.

FAQ: Can I split payment for direct entry to master's degrees at Royal Roads University?

Yes, but students applying for direct entry to master's degrees are subject to Royal Roads University's standard payment Terms and Conditions. See details of the University's instalment plan for the master's programs.

International student fees at university in Canada

International students graduate from University in Canada

Great value public university

Royal Roads University is a public university and therefore charges lower tuition fees, and offers a better value education, than many North American private universities.

Competitive cost of living

Canadian international tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses remain competitive compared to the USA. A student with average spending habits can expect to pay no more than $25,000 - $30,000 for all their expenses in a year at Royal Roads University.

University fees

Royal Roads University programs are exceptional value. The university fees listed below are effective for the 2014-15 academic year. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Compare prices with a currency converter.

Prices are likely to rise each academic year, and are subject to change.

Tuition fees for international students

Program Price Cost duration
Undergraduate degree - Year 1 $19,890 10 months
Transfer Preparation Program $17,890 8 months
Bachelor's degree - Year 2
$17,880 full program
Bachelor's degrees - Years 3 & 4 $35,760 full program
Master in Global Management $40,460 full program
MA in Tourism Management $33,260 full program
MA in Intercultural and International Communication $29,580 full program


English for Academic Purposes $6,000 per semester
Transfer Preparation Program $9,900 2.5 months program
Transfer Preparation Program $15,900 6 months program
Pre-Master's Program $9,900 2.5 months program
Pre-Master's Program $15,900 6 months program
Field trip fees and extra support/workshop fees may apply depending on the semester and program of study.

Accommodation fees

Private accommodation is only an option for students aged 19 or over.

Homestay housing service Student aged 19 or over Student aged 18 or under Duration
Single room, shared bathroom, 3 meals/day $3,600 $3,800 per semester*
Private bathroom $640 $640 supplement per 4 weeks
Homestay placement fee $220 $400 on acceptance
Custodianship registration** - $250 on acceptance
Monthly monitoring and reporting** - $280 per semester
Refundable security deposit $500 $500 on acceptance

* price for fall and spring semesters. Summer semester price may differ.
** Homestay custodianship and monthly monitoring is mandatory for students aged 18 or under

Ancillary fees

Service Price Duration
Student Services Fee $200 per academic year
Student Association Fee $200 per academic yer
U-Pass (local transit) $255 per academic year
StudyCare insurance $815
per calendar year
Extended medical coverage (degree preparation and undergraduate students only) $310 per calendar year
Airport transfer by private car from Victoria International Airport (YYJ) $110 (optional) one-way on initial arrival
Deposit for release of immigration documents (varies by region) $2,000-$6,000 on acceptance
Payments by credit card received after payment due date 2% of invoice value per late payment

Not included in the international student fees:

  • Airfare to and from Canada
  • Personal expenses
  • University textbooks and supplies
  • Vacation travel
  • Accommodation and food expenses when the University is officially closed

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We require a deposit (usually CAD$3,000 but ranges from $500-5,000 depending on region) for release of your Royal Roads University letter of acceptance. The remaining fees are due:

  • July 1st for the fall semester
  • November 1st for the spring semester
  • April 1st for the summer semester

FAQ: How can I pay?

  • Wire (electronic bank transfer)
  • Visa or Mastercard credit card
  • Bank transfer in Canadian dollars

FAQ: Do I have to pay all the fees at once?

No. Students may choose to pay for the full year, or to pay by semester to spread the cost of a university program over a longer period.

FAQ: Do I have to pay fees in advance?

Yes. All students are required to pay the entire invoiced amount for each semester in full and in advance of each semester start date. See the due dates above.

FAQ: Do I get a refund if I cancel my place?

If you do not meet visa/study permit entry requirements, a full refund will be given. A cancellation fee is charged if visa/study permit entry requirements have been met.