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FAQ: What grades do I need for Royal Roads University in Canada?

Applicants must have achieved an average grade of 75% or higher in previous academic study. See all entry requirements.

FAQ: Are international students eligible to enter the degree programs directly?

Yes, if you meet all the English language and academic entry requirements, you can apply for direct entry to Year 1 of the bachelor's degree (offered through the ISC), or to choice of two master's in management degrees.

Bachelor's degrees for international students

Health insurance for international students in Canada

Choice of in-demand majors

Students have a choice of 5 exciting majors, taught on campus, that leverage Royal Roads University's academic strengths in tourism and hospitality management, global business, and communications.

Professional outcomes

The University delivers the highest standards of teaching in its degree programs, provides real-life applications and experience for students, and meets employers' needs in an ever-evolving international marketplace.

Degree program curriculum

Support for international students

During the first two years, International Study Centre students receive university-level study skills to help with their academic studies, and specialized English language support.

In Year 1 you study a common academic curriculum.

In Year 2 you increasingly focus on the subjects related to your major.

In Year 3 and 4 of the undergraduate degree, you will take classes with Canadian and other international students. Your academic workload increases. You may undertake a period of applied work experience, or a capstone project, before completing the program.

Structure of undergraduate degrees

Years 1 and 2

The first two years of undergraduate study at Royal Roads University are completed in 4 semesters. Each semester is 15-16 weeks long. These can be taken:

  • over 2 calendar years: 2 semesters and a summer break each year
  • over 16 months: 4 semesters studied back to back - start Year 1 in January, complete Year 2 in April of the following year.

Use the study timeline to calculate your total study duration at university in Canada.

Years 3 and 4

4-year degree programs

Year 3 and 4 are offered over a standard two-year period: 2 academic semesters and a summer break each year.

3-year degree program: BCom Entrepreneurial Management

By eliminating the long breaks of conventional undergraduate degree programs, this degree programs condenses Year 3 and 4 allowing you to complete 2 years of university courses in 12 months.

The calendar year is organized into four quarters, each approximately 11 weeks long. Total teaching time is 45 weeks. Workload is intense with 10-12 hour days expected.

Direct entry into Year 3

Undergraduate students who have completed the first two years of a college or university program (in Canada or in another country) can apply to join a bachelor's degree in Year 3.

Your application is considered by Royal Roads University based on program-specific admission requirements. Choices of majors include all those available to Year 1 entry students, as well as BSc Environmental Science.

Find out English requirements for transfer to Year 3 of a bachelor's degree in Canada.

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