Student life at Royal Roads University in Canada

5 tips for your first week at RRU

5 tips for your first week at RRU

Posted 14 September 2018

It is always exciting to begin a new life journey, especially on a beautiful campus in a new country. Royal Roads University welcomes diverse cultures and offers supportive services for all incoming students. Here are 5 tips for arriving international students to make sure that your first week on campus is a complete success!

Campus shot of Royal Roads
Firstly and most importantly, make sure to bring all documents and necessary paperwork on the first day of Orientation. This includes your passport, study permit, and any official documents that have been requested. During the first week, you will have a chance to set up your student ID accounts. Make sure you do this as soon as you can, because you will start receiving university emails from Day One.

Secondly, it is essential for newly arrived students, especially international students, to understand Canadian class culture. Firstly, you should be mindful of the environment; try to be responsible and protect nature. Royal Roads cares about sustainability issues a lot, and it should be everyone’s responsibility to maintain a healthy campus environment. Secondly, class participation is key; RRU’s learning model focuses on student engagement, whether in individual and team-based work. This means you will have many chances to ask questions and share ideas with instructors and classmates. Do not hesitate to raise your hand during your class if you have any questions or contributions. After all, class participation counts towards your grades.

Recycling bins on campus
• Recycling bins on campus

RRU offers several services to help you with both studying and adapting to life in Canada. In the first week, the International Study Centre staff will give an introduction to the services offered, such as security, English Language Centre (ELC), career support, library, and consultant services. The ELC, for instance, offers one-hour free assistance on your academic writing and the instructors are all very skilled in language teaching. Library service is mainly for academic research and learning. There are millions of resources in the library database, so listen carefully to the library training session about how to find resources for your assignments.

Our next tip is to start building connections with people. Your social network is very important because new friends help you adapt to local life, and enjoy your time out of class. We recommend that every new student attends all orientation sessions, even the optional ones. Your instructor is a great resource, one that you can count on to access more information about studying and life in Canada. In addition, Student Services will send out a weekly newsletter that includes information about various activities, volunteer opportunities and workshops. It is never too early to build a network during your time in Canada.

The last tip is to relax and enjoy the beautiful campus and the city of Victoria. People are very polite here, so do not be alarmed if they say hello and smile to you on the street. You can greet them in return. Also don’t be surprised by peacocks or deer along your way - there are plenty of them around campus! Why not take a picture as you let them pass by?

ducks walking across campus
• Wild life on campus

As long as you have a positive attitude towards, nothing can stop you learning and improving. Good luck, and enjoy your first semester at Royal Roads University!