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A day in life of a student at Royal Roads University

A day in life of a student at Royal Roads University

Posted 24 March 2017
A day in life of a student

Royal Roads University is located in a National Historic Site near the ocean. University students have multiple options of how they can spend their time outside of classes: exercising at the university gym, walking around the park or jogging by the ocean. This week’s blog post will look into a typical day of a student at Royal Roads University and what they do during their free time.


The day starts with waking up and having breakfast. Then students make their way to the university. Most host family accommodations or private accommodations are located close to the university, so you can take a public transportation or a bike to get to school. Through Royal Roads University’s partnership with British Columbia Transit, all on campus students receive a U-Pass for unlimited access on all Victoria Regional Transit routes. A lot of students prefer biking to the university because you can go through beautiful trails around the campus and enjoy the nature.

Once students arrive on campus, they go to their classes. During the breaks they can socialize in the cafeteria, at the library or outside. Luckily, the weather is pleasant all year round and you can enjoy the campus, famous for being featured in the X-Men and many other films. Most classes have a break around noon so that students can have their lunch.

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A lot of students choose to have their lunch at the university cafeteria, located in the Grant Building. Royal Roads University was founded on and continues to be guided by the concept of sustainability; therefore the cafeteria like the rest of the university requires students to recycle.

Classes typically continue after lunch. When classes finish, many students choose to go to the university library to study. It is a great place to prepare for a project or to do your homework. The library has an extensive collection of resources, including digital files, as well as the Writing Centre.

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Evening activities vary among students. There are so many things you can do at the university or in the city of Victoria. Some students like to jog on trails around the campus, go to the gym, or meet with friends in the nearby cafes. There are a lot of student clubs and organizations on campus, and their meetings can take place in the evenings. You can find the list of clubs and organizations at Royal Roads University on this page.

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This was a brief overview of what a typical day may look like for a student at Royal Roads University. If you would like to see more, follow this link to watch the video about a day in life of an international student from Colombia currently pursuing his Master’s in Global Management at Royal Roads.

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