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Big benefits from a small university

Big benefits from a small university

Posted 03 April 2017
International students at Royal Roads University having lunch

When it comes to choosing your university, you may be overwhelmed by how many options there are and by each university's unique features. In this week's blog post you will find out about the benefits of studying at a small university, like Royal Roads.

Royal Roads University is home to approximately 5,300 students. Despite its smaller student body, the university is very diverse. There are about 550 international students at Royal Roads, representing more than 60 countries of the world.

Personalized Attention

Undeniably, the first and foremost benefit of studying at a small university is personalized attention from the professors and the staff. Current student-to-faculty ratio is about 12 to 1, which is great for learning because you get individual attention from teachers. Classes with lower number of students have greater participation and students become a lot more engaged with the subject. Many students agree that personalized approach makes them feel like they are not just a part of the crowd, as it may have been in a large university. Mabel from Brazil, who is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in sustainability and international business says, “The faculty here are amazing. I have contact with all my professors, and I’m actually not a number – I’m a student and I have a name.”

Personalized attention

Student Community

Another great benefit of studying at a small university comes from close and friendly student community. Because there are less people on campus, students get to know each other better. International students at Royal Roads University become a part of the student community and get involved in student life on campus. As international student at Royal Roads, you would improve your English faster and get to know Canadian culture better by being a part of student community. Jessie from China, who is pursuing her master's degree in tourism management, says that “Canada is a very multicultural society, so I can meet people from different countries. Some of my friends have invited me to visit their countries. It has opened my horizons.”

Student community

Peaceful Campus

Royal Roads University offers world-class education in a warm and welcoming environment. Its campus is surrounded by nature and it is located in a historic site that includes Hatley Castle. The campus provides a peaceful environment for learning and achieving your study goals. A calm and private campus is another one of the benefits that a small university can offer. Many local and international students chose to study at Royal Roads after visiting its campus. Mimi, a student from Canada who is pursuing her bachelor's in professional communication, thinks that "[the campus] is beautiful, especially when you're driving down and you just see the mountains, the ocean, and the castle."

Peaceful campus

These are just some of the benefits that studying at a small university offers but there are many more. If you are looking to pursue your degree in a beautiful place by the ocean where you get to know all of your fellow classmates and professors, Royal Roads may be right for you!

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