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Q&A with the Centre Director

Q&A with the International Study Centre Director at Royal Roads University

Posted 20 June 2016
Centre Director at Royal Roads University International Study Centre

Tell us more about your role as Centre Director at the International Study Centre:

My role here is to develop and to deliver the English for academic purpose programs for our international students to prepare them for both graduate studies and undergraduate studies.I also provide them with all the support that they need, including English language support and all other support services for the ISC student.

What do you enjoy the most about your role as Centre Director? 

What I enjoy the most as the center director is really the students. When I started here, I came because Royal Roads is a beautiful campus and I have a bit of an affiliation to Royal Roads University, but really what keeps me here is the students. They just fill me everyday. 

What is your personal interaction with students? 

I'm very proud of the fact that I've initiated a Conversation Club for our students. It really is my opportunity to get out of my office and go an hour or two hours a week and meet the students either in the cafeteria or the LIC where we talk. Yes, we do improve our English, we practice our English, but it's always an opportunity for the students to come and see me as well during that time, tell me how things are going, what's not working, what's working, what can we do to make life a little bit better for them at the ISC in Royal Roads University.

Why should students choose to study at the International Study Centre? 

Students should choose to study at the International Study Centre because it doesn't only prepare them to improve their English skills, but it also helps them acculturate to both the academic vigor of study in North America and also to acculturate to Canadian society.

What does Royal Roads University mean to you? 

Royal Roads University means transformation. After many years in another career, coming here, based on its history, its heritage as a military college, you can just feel that you will have a life-changing experience. I know it has been a life-changing experience for me, and I know it can be for many others as well.

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